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National Geographic and the Space Elevator

If you take a look at the latest issue (July, 2011) of the National Geographic Magazine, you will find a short, 2-page article about the Space Elevator, complete with a custom-drawn, concept diagram.

A few of us (Ben Shelef, Dr. Peter Swan and myself) have been working with the National Geographic team over the past several weeks to try and make this drawing and the explanation of it as technically accurate as possible.  Andy Petro of NASA, the Space Elevator Games (Centennial Challenge) and the Space Elevator Conference were also mentioned.

National Geographic was kind enough to give credit to the 3 of us and the International Space Elevator Consortium (ISEC), so the word about the Space Elevator and ISEC continues to spread…

You can also view an interactive version of the article online here.

National Geographic!  Way cool…

EuSEC announces competitors

The first European Space Elevator Games (EuSEC) website now has a page devoted to the teams who will be participating.

It’s good to see our friends from ETC (Earth-Track-Controllers) involved in this competition.  They were great competitors and great sports at the 2007 Games held near Salt Lake city.

A total of 8 teams are listed.  The ‘usual suspects’ are included (Japan, US, Germany), but there are also teams from the UK, Iran and Macedonia!  Truly, the whole idea of “Space Elevator Games” is now becoming a much more international endeavor…