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Profits set to soar in outer space

A Business 2.0 article discussing profit generating opportunities in Outer Space.  The Space Elevator is mentioned as a technology that would “…reduce orbital freight costs by 98 percent and open up space just as the railroads opened up the Wild West.”

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LiftPort February, 2006 Technical Newsletter released

In the Newsletter, LiftPort’s Research Director Tom Nugent discusses “Space Elevator Ribbon: The Elastic Energy Problem.”  The Newsletter can be found here.

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First Build Progress

The Starclimber team discusses progress and hopes to have their first demo ready at the end of March.

1 comment February 24th, 2006

New X-Prize Challenge

The Starclimber team considers looking for new worlds to conquer once this years Space Elevator competition is completed.

Add comment February 24th, 2006 Interview with Bradley Edwards

The group has recently interviewed Dr. Bradley Edwards.  The written transcript of the interview can be found here.

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A Small Climb For Man (Space Elevator)

The ColonyWorlds blog weighs in, favorably, on the concept of a Space Elevator and the most recent test from LiftPort.

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Next Floor, Stratosphere

Public Radio’s Weekend America interviews LiftPort’s CEO, Michael Laine.

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LiftPort February, 2006 Art Newsletter released

LiftPort’s artist-in-residence, Nyein Aung, releases his latest creations here.

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LiftPort February, 2006 General Newsletter released

In this Issue, LiftPort’s Executive VP - Media, Joe Julian, describes the “shocking” results from their latest test and discusses the chosen theme for the first Lift tickets.  The Newsletter can be found here.

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Space Elevators, Sim Exploration, and the Pioneering Spirit

Over at Anthonares, Anthony Kennedy discusses Liftport and their collaborative efforts with the Mars Society to build a ballon-borne relay.

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A skeptic?

Why am I reminded of the Simpsons?

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One step closer to a space elevator

More approving comments

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First steps for space elevator company

Thoughts on Liftport from the Velcro City Tourist Board.

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Out of This World

A / Business 2.0 article estimates the 2021 Space Elevator market size at $2 Billion / year.

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Push Prizes Do Their Stuff

The Speculist comments on the positive effects of creating Prizes to spur development of technology.

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Continued Success for Space Elevator Tests

Over at Slashdot, ScuttleMonkey notes the recent successful LiftPort test.

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Space-elevator tether climbs a mile high

Article from NewScientistSpace discussing Liftport’s success in launching a mile-high tether and other, Space Elevator-related issues.

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LiftPort Group, the Space Elevator Companies, Completes Second Round of Tests of Its Space Elevator Technology under FAA Waiver

Both and Seattle based note the recent successful Liftport test.  The article is here and the dBusiness article is  here.

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Second Round of Tests

The official Liftport announcement, stating that they have successfully completed their “second round of preliminary tests of its high altitude platform and robotic lifters”.  They were able to launch their platform a full mile into the air while their robotic climbers were able to climb more than 1,500 feet.

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First build under construction

The Starclimber team discusses the progress they are making…

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CNT Ribbons maximum strength around 35 GPa?

In the email announcement I received about the release of Liftport’s February, 2006 Technical Newsletter, there was also an announcement about a study which had been done by Nicola M. Pugno (available here) stating that, because of “inherent defects” in a Carbon Nanotube cable, it’s maximum strenght would be no more than approx. 35 GPa.  If true, it’s a problem.  But only if it’s true.  Liftport has started a discussion forum on this subject here.

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