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Wanted: Inventors to Build Space Elevator

Popular Science’s Online Magazine discusses the 2005 Space Elevator Challenge here.

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Express Elevator to Space, Going Up

A damn interesting web site is DamnInteresting.  This is their entry on the Space Elevator.

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Riding a Beam of Light: NASA’s First Space Elevator Competition Proves Highly Challenging article about the results from the 2005 Space Elevator Games.

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NASA Announces Results From Beam and Tether Challenges

NASA announces the result from the 2005 Competition here.

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Space elevators stuck on the first floor

NewScientistSpace article discussing the results of the first Space Elevator Games.

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Space Elevator Low Down review of the recently completed 2005 Space Elevator Games (Centennial Challenge).

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Space elevator contest gets off the ground

In this article, Science Writer Alan Boyle discusses the 2005 Space Elevator games.

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Advancing Beneficial Nanotechnology: Focusing on the Cutting Edge

This is the schedule of the Conference being hosted by the Foresight Nanotech Institute.  Liftport’s Michael Laine will be presenting “From Carbon Nanotubes to the Space Elevator” on Tuesday, October 25th, 2005, at 3:00pm.

Update: Immediately underneath the notice of Michael Laine’s presentation is a link to the audio clip.

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Spaceward Foundation and NASA announce the first Beam Power and Tether Competitions

The official Press Release from the Spaceward Foundation and NASA announcing the first Beam Power and Tether Competitions.

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Space Elevator competition, Oct 21, Moffett Field

SiliconBeat announcement of the upcoming NASA Centennial Beam Power and Tether competitions.

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Space Elevator (drawing)

On flickr, allenu posts a couple of pictures from a Liftport demo here and here.

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LiftPort October, 2005 General Newsletter Released

This Newsletter was, because of it’s lengthy volume, released in two parts.  The first part gave a behind-the scenes look at the recent and (ultimately) successful 1,000 foot test of LiftPort’s Robotic Lifter.  As someone who has had his share of project crisis’ and subsequent all-nighters to rescue them, I can only say; “I feel you brother.”  It’s a fine story of perseverance and success.  Part Two of the Newsletter is an update from LiftPort’s CEO Michael Laine, touching on the carbon nanotube factory, finances and other recent LiftPort activities.  The Part One Newsletter can be found here and Part Two here.

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LiftPort September/October, 2005 Art Newsletter released

LiftPort artist-in-residence Nyein Aung displays and discusses several conceptual drawings of the 1,000 foot Robotic Lifter recently tested, successfully by the LiftPort team.  CEO Michael Laine updates us on LiftPort’s carbon nanotube factory.  The Newsletter can be found here.

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