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Space elevator takes shape

A Discovery Channel interview with Tom Nugent, LiftPort’s Research Director.

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Person of the Day: Konstantin Tsiolkovsky

A drawing of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, the man who conceived a “cosmic funicular”, today’s space elevator, is posted here on flickr.

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1st floor: haberdashery, curtains. 35,780th floor: satellite in space

In this TimesOnline article, Arthur C. Clarke revisits the Space Elevator and urges NASA to not put all its eggs in one basket.  I love everything this guy writes…

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Space elevator robot passes 1,000-foot mark

Article from discussing Liftport’s recent success in getting their robot climber to pass the 1,000 foot mark.

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Liftport September, 2005 Comic Book Theater released

The latest installment of LiftPort humor can be found here.  Warning; you have to wait ’til the next issue to get “Part 2.”

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Space Elevator moves forward 1 step

Over at, the author comments approvingly about Space Elevators…

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Space Elevator Concept Undergoes “Reel” World Testing article discussing the recent LiftPort accomplishment of sending their Robotic Lifter 1,000 feet up a tether

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The Power of Revolutionary Thinking

In this event, sponsored by The MIT Enterprise Forum of Atlanta, Dr. Bradley Edwards discusses the Space Elevator. 

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Going up…way up

At the Event Horizon, Nigaron discusses current developments…

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Is This the Right Way to Return to the Moon?

Over at, Glenn Harlan Reynolds asks the right questions about how NASA plans to invest $100 Billion towards spaceflight over the next 12 years; “Why not a Space Elevator”, he asks?  Why not, indeed…

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Space Elevator: Wake up, NASA!

Over at, they are anxious for NASA to get serious about Space Elevators.

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Space elevator might really happen

SiliconBeat article about the Space Elevator and the upcoming Foresight Nanotech Institute conference.

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Space Elevator September Update gives us the September status report for the 2005 Space Elevator competition.

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Space Elevator Games article of the press release from Spaceward Foundation announcing the initial Space Elevator competition.

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Elevator Going Up!

One of the other websites following developments in the Space Elevator arena is World  In this entry, Jamais Cascio provides an overview of the project and links to several other sources of information.

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LiftPort September, 2005 General Newsletter released

Liftport’s CEO Michael Laine gives a status report of several LiftPort projects, gives kudos to his staff and announces some personnel changes.  He also makes a plea for help in getting the concept of a Space Elevator introduced in today’s school classrooms.  The Newsletter can be found here.

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LiftPort releases Third Art Newsletter

LiftPort artist-in-residence Nyein Aung updates us on LiftPort’s (impending) new book and LiftPort goings-on at Dragon Con and Cascadia Con. He introduces his latest artwork and asks for help in getting people to sign up for the LiftPort newsletter distribution list. The Newsletter can be found here.

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