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A Hoist to the Heavens

Brad Edwards article in the August, 2005 Spectrum Online.  This is a fine article, detailing all of the main issues.  In addition, several very cool illustrations are provided.

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LiftPort August, 2005 Comic Book Theater released

LiftPort shows us the difference between and and releases their latest Comic Book Theater.  The Newsletter can be found here.

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Trading Rockets for Space Elevators article on Space Elevators and Carbon Nanotubes.

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The space elevator bubble!

Bull Dork opines about the opportunities a Space Elevator will present here.

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Space Program: Looking Up

TCSDaily columnist Glenn Harlan Reynolds writes about the status of Space Elevator development and changes in NASA’s philosophy.

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Space Elevator Update article discussing the status of the 2005 Space Elevator competition.

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Where Does Google Plan to Spend $4 Billion?

This is a NYTimes article about Google’s future stock offering.  The author, John Markoff, notes that the speculation about what Google was going to use the money for did not, this time, include funding development of a Space Elevator…

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LiftPort August, 2005 General Interest Newsletter Released

Several announcements are in the inaugural issue of LiftPort’s General Interest Newsletter.  These include the status of the carbon nanontube manufacturing facility, LiftPort’s new book venture, goings-on at CascadiaCon and mentions of several interviews with LiftPort personnel.  The Newsletter can be found here.

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It Has Its Ups and Downs

Public Radio’s Weekend America interviews Michael Laine, CEO of LiftPort.

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LiftPort August, 2005 Art Newsletter released

LiftPort Artist-in-Residence Nyein Aung discusses what he and others from LiftPort will be doing at CascadiaCon and also introduces his latest drawings.  The Newsletter can be found here.

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