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Looking Forward to Prize Fights

Glenn Reynolds at looks forward to the NASA Centennial Challenge competitions.

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The Spaceward Foundation Releases Multi-Year Space Elevator Competition Roadmap article discussing the “Roadmap” for the NASA / Spaceward Foundation’s 2005 and 2006 Climber and Tether competitions.

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Elevator:2010 unveils multi-year plan and roadmap

This is a zip file containing the “Road Map” (in .pdf and .doc formats) discussing the Elevator: 2010 “Roadmap”.  Also included are a couple of .jpg graphics.

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NASA plans prizes for space breakthroughs article about NASA’s Centennial Challenges, including details about the Beam Power and Tether competitions.

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Elevator:2010 announces $400,000 partnership with NASA

This is a zip file containing the official announcement (in .pdf and .doc formats) of the Spaceward/Elevator:2010 and NASA partnership, creating the prize fund for the Space Elevator Games.

Add comment March 24th, 2005

NASA Announces First Centennial Challenges’ Prizes

NASA officially announces its First Centennial Challenge’s Prizes here.  Prizes are being awarded for both Tethers and Beam Power (to Power robotic climbers) competitors that meet NASA’s and the Spaceward Foundation’s goals.

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NASA Details Cash Prizes for Space Privatization article about NASA’s 2005 and 2006 Tether and Beam Power Challenges.

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LiftPort March, 2005 Newsletter released

A number of topics are discussed in this Newsletter, including the scheduling of the first field test of the HALE (High Altitude Long Endurance) package at the Mars Society Desert Research Station and an agreement to produce Space Elevator display models with a Massachusetts based company.  The Newsletter can be found here.

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Space debris: assessing the risk

Though this European Space Agency article does not specifically mention the Space Elevator, it’s description and summation of the danger posted by space debris is certainly relevant.

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